The purest water on earth exists in this overlooked place

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Photo credit: Ethan Hein

Photo credit: Ethan Hein

These days, water purity is an issue of great importance. Local lakes are increasingly being polluted with pesticides, industrial waste, and toxins that are deadly to human cells.

L.A. based nutritionist David Wolfe recommends to his clients, “if you don’t filter your water, your body will do the filtering!”

In fact, some of the purest water that exists on earth lies locked in the cells of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The reason for this is that as plants grow, they have a natural filtration system in their fibers that take in only the purest parts, and leave out most toxins. They’ve already done the work for us, so to speak, so when we eat uncooked fruits and vegetables, we’re getting all of the pure water, already filtered.

My favourite example of this is the young coconut. The outer shell is very thick and consists of multiple layers, yet a liquid exists in its centre. The outer shell is the coconut’s filter, so that the water that lays inside is absolutely sterile.

But be careful: the brown coconuts we see in regular stores are ‘old’ coconuts, and their water is slightly fermented on the inside. Young ones, found at many Asian markets, contain the best liquid for consumption.


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