Reversing Schizophrenia with Orthomolecular Medicine

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Abram Hoffer's book, Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone

The late Canadian Doctor Abram Hoffer MD PhD helped almost 10,000 schizophrenics heal, improve and even be cured, yes cured, with something called Orthomolecular Therapy. That’s the practice of administering mega doses of vitamins to reverse disease.

His success rate was 85%.

Hoffer used niacin (b3). For example, someone would take 3g of B3, 3g of Vitamin C and eliminate food allergens (gluten, dairy, corn, etc).

Food Allergies & Reversing Schizophrenia

I recently met Dr Eric Paterson MD from Creston, BC who has been healing people of schizophrenia since 1973.

One of his first cases: a 14 year old boy had developed schizophrenic symptoms.

He wanted to see if he had allergies so he first put him on a water fast for 5 days and then slowly added food back into his diet to see if he had any reactions.

After the 6th day, the boy’s symptoms were inflamed and he found out that he had eaten a single red Smartie from his brother.

His parents said that before he developed symptoms, he ate many red freezies.

Dr Paterson found that he was allergic to red dye #A2.

He gave him 3g B3, 3g Vitamin C, a strict no sugar or refined carb diet, and told him to stay away from any artificially red food.

The student recovered, became captain of his rugby team and now is a lawyer with kids in BC.

This field is exceptionally exciting in terms of what can be done on top of a raw food diet – adding mega-doses of natural supplements can literally reverse disease.

This is the tip of the iceberg as far as Orthomolecular Therapy goes – find out more by visiting



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  2. Audrey Braunkelce on Thu, 15th Dec 2011 2:24 pm 

    this vitamin cannot be generated in human body so you need to opt for food sources that are rich in Vitamin C.

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