How Nutrition Affects Alcoholism

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I’m reading a book right now which is blowing the lid off my mind.

Bear with the hokey title:

“The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism” by Dr Abram Hoffer Md Phd and Andrew W Saul PhD.

The authors claim with such certainty that alcoholism is a result of hypoglycaemia, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, aside from the obvious environmental issues.

In it, the authors make some bold claims:

  • “I tested over 300 alcoholics with a glucose tolerance test and did not find even one patient who had a normal result.
  • “The treatment was to avoid sugar, which is very difficult especially for alcoholics.
  • “Alcohol…is basically liquid sugar…and a slow-acting poison.
  • “When malnutrition or nutrient starvation is present, it is impossible to respond effectively to any medical treatment.

These statements are reminiscent of Dr Russell Blaylock’s lecture called “Nutrition and Behaviour” which details a study of alcoholic inmates.

95% of them were hypoglycaemic.

They separated them into two groups, fed one of them a healthy diet, and allowed the control group to continue eating their junk food diet.

Those who stayed on the healthy diet had a 71% success rate of sobriety – compare that to AA’s sobriety rate of 25%.

Back to Hoffer’s book:

  • “Alcoholism and drug addiction, so often portrayed as without cure, can indeed be ended with high-dose nutrient therapy.

It gets bolder:

  • “We are convinced that healthy people will not become alcoholics.
  • “Only people who are not healthy become alcoholics.
  • “We would go so far as to state it as a law: only the sick become alcoholic.”

They go on to describe the megadose or Orthomolecular treatment plan which has worked to help their patients, including Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, use vitamins such as B3, B6, Vitamin C, and others, to effectively kill off any cravings for alcohol, even when one has achieved sobriety through AA, and also eliminate any negative side effects from long-term alcoholism such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and so on.


Bear in mind that this book is written by two of the heavyweights of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Dr Hoffer pioneered the field and conducted psychiatry’s first randomly controlled double-blind placebo trial ever in the 1950s.

Andrew Saul was on the faculty of the State University of New York for nine years, and taught nutrition, health science and cell biology at the college level.

What do you think? Excitement or Quackery?

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