Get Rid of Your Greys, Without the Dye

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I’ve always thought that once we go gray, it would be constant trips to the salon in order to cover up. However, I’ve recently met a number of people who have been successful in restoring their natural hair colour. Here we’ll discuss how they were able to do so, and how you can mimic their success.

What Causes Gray?

1.    Genetics – we all know this one.

2.    Depleted Nutrition – When our bodies are depleted of minerals, it takes them from anywhere it can, thus robbing your hair strands of their pigment. Studies show that the majority of us are deficient in essential minerals.

3.    Engaging in Accelerated Aging Activities – This includes a diet with refined white flour, refined sugar and soft drinks, processed and fried foods, and hydrogenated oils. It also includes poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and drugs.

Reversing Gray Completely Through a Raw Food Diet

If some of your grey hair is a result of a nutrition deficiency, and not just genetics, then it is possible to restore your natural pigment. Below are testimonials from people who have done so by eating a diet of raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, sea vegetables, algae, sprouted or soaked grains and beans) for at least 6 months.

“After 6 months of drinking green smoothies [blended leafy greens, fruit, and water] religiously, Igor’s [my husband’s] beard started to grow in black!” –Victoria Boutenko, Ashland, Oregon

“No more gray hair! When my roots grow out, they’re usually pretty gray…no more!” –Angela, Ottawa, Canada

“My younger brother (not into raw foods) went grey about 8 years ago and as yet I have only had the odd few grey hairs that have appeared when I let my diet slip a bit or when stress gets the better of me. When I turn up the raw heat (so to speak) I have seen my grey hairs completely go away.” –Pete Vincent, United Kingdom

“A couple years ago, I started getting massive grey hair right around my face. Shortly after that, I started making green smoothies [blended leafy greens, fruits, and water] and it just about all went away. I now have two little spots over each temple and that’s it.” Christine Pointeau, Longmont, Colorado

We recently spoke to 86 raw vegans about their lifestyles, and 7% of those people found that when they converted from a North American diet to a raw vegan diet, they unexpectedly saw their gray hair grow back in with their natural colour. Although this number seems small, it’s a remarkable breakthrough that they were able to do so at all.

If you’re not interested in completely going raw, there is still a way to either find partial success, or slow down the process.

Slowing the Graying Process without Going Raw

Some people have had success without going completely raw. Here’s a list of foods that do well to slow down the process, and with time, can reverse a few grays:
•    Organic dark leafy greens (romaine, celery, Swiss chard, kale, lettuce, collard…)
•    Juiced greens and fruits of any kind
•    Sprouts – they contain 10x to 30x the nutrients of organically grown produce
•    Organic berries of any kind
•    Organic radishes, especially daikon
•    Foods high in copper – a copper deficiency can lead to accelerated de-pigmentation of the hair (sesame seeds, cashews, crimini mushrooms, barley, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, and navy beans)
•    Any organic, mineral-rich fruit or vegetable

The more of these you’ll eat, the more success you’ll see.

“My mother, who juices religiously (veggies, greens and fruits), about 1-2 cups per day, has had her hairdresser stop in the middle of his cut, and look all over her head through her hair with his comb for a good several minutes to where she got concerned and asked what was the matter… he stopped and asked what she was doing because her hair was turning back. He said he had never seen this in his years of cutting hair.” –Christine Pointeau, Longmont, Colorado

Admittedly, it’s still easier to buy a box of dye, but a healthier diet will save you money on hair treatments, improve your overall health, and give your hair the most beautiful colour: the one that is naturally yours.

•    Dr Brian Clement, ND
•    Elizabeth Somer, RD
•    Victoria Boutenko
•    Christine Pointeau
•    Dr Ann Wigmore
•    David Wolfe, Nutritionist

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  1. AndrewBoldman on Thu, 4th Jun 2009 6:38 am 

    Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.

  2. Kitherine on Tue, 25th Aug 2009 1:19 am 

    I am 49 years young and have been 100%* vegan raw for over 8 years.

    More people need to read this article!

    Wonderful news.

    I am also aware that Anne Wigmore completely reversed her grey hair …




    Now, what ito do with all the raw folk, chef’s, and Raw Doc’s, with grey hair? A major cleanse? Less ‘stress’? Massive Sprouting?

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