Cruda: Toronto’s Newest Raw Restaurant

January 15, 2010 by  
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Cruda Cafe St Lawrence Market 3We’re very excited about welcoming Cruda Café to the Toronto raw food community!

Cruda Café is a raw food restaurant which is currently under construction in the basement of the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, at the intersection of Front and Jarvis.

We stumbled upon it recently, as the House of Verona Toronto office is right next door.

When they open, they’ll serve vegan, organic living foods for eat-in or take-out in biodegradable containers.

The GTA now supports 5 raw restaurants – staggering growth, consider we had only 1 from 2000 to 2008.

The number of restaurants is a telling metric of the nature of the health community in Toronto, and the growth rate of the raw trend.

In comparison, Montreal has 1, New York has 7, and the L.A. area has 20 and counting.

Welcome, Cruda!

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4 Comments on "Cruda: Toronto’s Newest Raw Restaurant"

  1. Nathalie Lussier on Fri, 15th Jan 2010 11:03 am 

    Wohooo! This is great news. Thanks so much for sharing this. I live really close to the St. Lawrence Market and I do most of my grocery shopping there. I have a feeling my boyfriend & I will be eating there quite a bit. ;)

  2. Melissa Rei on Tue, 19th Jan 2010 9:16 am 

    Thank you Yafa for bringing this great news.
    I didn’t know that there are 5 raw restaurants in Toronto.
    I’m aware of Live, Rawlicious and now Cruda. What are the other two?

  3. Yafa Sakkejha on Tue, 19th Jan 2010 2:01 pm 

    Hi Melissa!

    Raw Aura is in Mississauga

    Wild Seed is in Burlington

    Wild Organic Way is in Guelph

    We’ve also noticed that grocery stores are increasingly holding raw food items.

    The Big Carrot carries pre-packaged raw meals from Live in the freezer section! How awesome is that!

  4. Yafa Sakkejha on Tue, 19th Jan 2010 2:01 pm 

    Oh…and there’s a rumour that 2 more may be opening up in 2010…more to come!

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