“Yafa, I really appreciate the healthy food. When you get over 40, this stuff becomes so important.” -David Miller, Mayor of Toronto


My skin tags are shrinking since I started this [7 day juice fast] retreat. The last time I went raw for a month, they also shrunk and fell off.” -R.A.H. from near Chicago, USA

“[After a 7 day raw retreat] My hair hasn’t fallen out for the first time in months!” -N.B. from near Winnipeg – experienced female hair loss.

“You are so inspiring. You are doing such wonderful things to change people’s lives, every day. And, your glow shows it.”

“Thank you again for a fantastic weekend!!! I wanted to thank Mike as well…he was wonderful! I have been telling everyone about The House of Verona!” -Keya Mitra-Selby


“It’s been almost a week since I attended your lecture, and I’ve since completely quit smoking (don’t even crave it which is amazing) and have been having a green smoothie every morning, a big salad with sprouted nuts and fruit, and my energy levels have been growing daily. Before that, I was literally beginning to sink into a dark place, smoking constantly and gaining more and more weight.

I am inspired to do this all because of your sheer example. I so enjoyed your presentation, and was so touched by your lucidness, your sensitivity and vibrancy…it has kept me going all these days.” -Managing Editor at a Canadian Magazine

“Who would have thought one lecture could impact my life so profoundly, but there you have it, you have, and I am so grateful.” -Managing Editor at a Canadian Magazine

“Thank you very much for the incredible weekend! It was wonderful to get away and be able to focus on and pamper myself. As a working mother you often forget to take the time for yourself. Excellent weekend. Adam [the fitness trainer] was very knowledgeable. The food was wonderful.” -Stephanie O’Keefe

“Yafa was such a sweet hostess and treated us so well! Mike is so sweet, cute, and entertaining…I had no idea that guys could be so sweet. Thank you. This was excellent.” -Pushpa Parmar

“My breathing is less laboured, lungs feel great…after 5 days, I just feel so well. Lectures were excellent. ” -Susan Ostapec

“I can’t remember the last time I went anywhere and I did not have to worry about anything or anyone except myself! …over 15 years ago!” -Pushpa Parmar

Your ideas and lessons are becoming more vital in my daily life. I cant wait to be buying groceries and living the HOV way.” -Michael Shapiro

“Yafa was very professional, welcoming and accommodating. The chalets are amazing. And, Angus & Tracy’s story was fascinating and so valuable. Please thank them for me! Adam is extremely knowledgeable and not at all intimidating. Very kind and patient as we tried the exercises. The food was extremely filling, tasty, and surprisingly enough, I didn’t miss cooked meat or cooked food at all! Loved the green smoothies and didn’t miss my morning coffee!” -Keya Mitra-Selby

“Exceeded my expectations – fabulous! [I have] more energy, better mood (less stress).” -Esther Korn

“Yafa’s presentation was the best part of the whole weekend. Worth the trip.” -Christopher Brown

The food is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We were so full…we couldn’t even finish our raw pad thai, and had no room for the pecan pie! We didn’t crave meat but we were full! We laughed all weekend long. I feel so cleansed…I feel so much better. The chalets are absolutely gorgeous. The hot tub, the saunas, the patio, everything. Lesley was really lovely. I wish I could find someone like her in Montreal!” -Loretta Kurcin

“I noticed clearer thinking. Also, noticed my body adapting according to eating all raw through having more energy and better sleep.” -Nicole Meixner

“Yafa is simply wonderful. She does an incredible job.” -Keya Mitra-Selby

More energy!!” -Faye Topp

Exquisite. Stupendous. Felt more alive – could see better.” -Annonymous Retreat Guest

“All weekend made me feel even better, and more strong willed to stay raw and that I can fight temptations of cooked food…I feel amazing – it was uplifting and great.” J. Laur

“Amazing! How could one not enjoy themselves based on the food alone would be beyond me. The activities were fun and I learned alot as well, but the education came from the people here with me. Their stories were powerful and inspiring and the feeling of connection and community was strong. I look forward to this again.” Michael Laur.

“Relaxing, entertaining & HEALTHY. A tremendous opportunity to be kind to our body…the best, most nutritious food possible, fresh air, friendship & exercise. What more could one ask for?” Robina Bernard

“I had a day without acid reflux!” -Anonymous Retreat Guest

“The best gift to myself! What a great time, absolutely loved it. [I feel] relaxed, clean, and refreshed. Where can you improve? By not making us leave, ever!!” Wilhemina Wilson

My stress levels were lowered immediately. The food, as well as being delicious, gave me a ton of energy, and the 3 hours at the spa left me feeling refreshed, relaxed and alert. Overall, with addition of the yoga, my levels of awareness both physically and mentally were increased.” Michael Laur

“I really feel blessed that I met you and you mom [a cancer survivor] on the retreat at the House of Verona. Both of you are so kind! If it’s not for your mom, I would have not been able to climb that far on the Blue Mountain.” -Linda, who at the time was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

“Thank you for an amazing time!” Regina L.

“I loved it a lot and will come back again to another one.” Leza P.

“I didn’t feel a single craving all weekend. My cravings are gone.” Carol M.

“[After the retreat], I went over to Planet Organic and bought a bunch of food. I’m going to try and eat raw most of my meals. I can’t believe I didn’t have any cravings.  Yippee!” - Nat W.
“You constantly amaze me!” – Mary F.


Negative Feedback


“I don’t like that chlorine is used in the hot tubs.”


“I felt that in the movie you showed on Friday night, ‘Food Matters,’ I was offended by one of the doctors who said that cancer could be reversed using simply very high doses of vitamins [orthomolecular therapy, where 20,000 mg of vitamin C is administered to a patient intravenosuly]. I think you should check into this doctor to see what he is doing today and if he truly speaks the truth.”


“Wish it was longer!”

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